The 13-step Brand Development Process

The primary deliverable with this process is a Branding, Development & Marketing Action Plan. This Action Plan includes: Branding - what sets us apart from everyone else and makes us THE destination of choice. Development - what needs to be done so we “own” the brand. Brands are about ownership. i.e. Nashville “owns” the country … Continue reading The 13-step Brand Development Process

Minimalism in Marketing: 8 Brands Getting It Right

Supposedly, we’re exposed to 3,000 ads on a daily basis. This makes it a growing challenge for advertisers to stand out in such a saturated market. Like it or loathe it, minimalist design is a trend of recent years that many marketers have adopted to rise above the noise. In this blog we’ll look at some of … Continue reading Minimalism in Marketing: 8 Brands Getting It Right